Mr. Habibullah, was born on 1st April  1932 in a noble family of Alayerpur, Dagon Bhuya, Feni. His father is late Dula Mia  and mother late Jamila Khatun. He was a happy father with 1 son and 3 daughters.

He was the managing Direcotr and founder of City Hospital Ltd. His prudence, business leadership and acumen contributed to the attainment the present position of the City Hospital Ltd.

He was the Chairman of National Bank Limited and he was also a lifetime Director. 

He was the Chairman of Multimode Group of Companies, one of the largest business group in Bangladesh. 

He was Chairman of Key and Que Ltd and Dula Mia Cotton Mills Ltd.

He was a dedicated and veteran social worker. He has established a number of organization which are contributing to the society. He was one of the founder of Iqbal Memorial College, Badrunnessa High School, Jamila Khatoon Madrasa, Nur jahan Ajman Ara High School and Dagonbhuya Academy etc. He was a chairman of Iqbal Memorial College.

Our belove Founder Managing Director died on 30.11.2015.


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