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Blood Bank (Govt. Approved)

Some Critical patients need emergency blood transfusion. This is great channel for many hospital in Bangladesh. We are glad to inform you that we have a specialized blood bank within our premises. This unit which is government approved, supporting the patients always open for 24 hours. We have following facilities:


  •  Transfusion of whole blood, Plasma, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Packed Cell Concentrate, Concentrated Platelet.
  • Screening of blood, according to WHO strategy & national guide. 
  • Grouping and cross matching (compatibility test)  
  • Any other blood related consultation.  

Doctors of Blood Bank (Govt. Approved)

Center for Medical Technology Innovation

Prof. Dr. Shahidul Islam

MBBS, DBS &T Consultant, Blood Transfusion Medicine City Hospital Ltd. More...


Diagnostic Complex

Diagnostic Complex

Blood Bank (Govt. Approved)  Diagnostic (Pathological, Radiology & Imaging) Units: & More...

Our Services & Facilities

Our Services & Facilities

Modern 6 Operation Theatre I.C.U-6 beds H.D.U-8 beds 9 beds World-Class Post Operative Unit More...

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